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Career Coaching and Assessments

Invest in yourself today to ensure your future success.

Ambition is the first step

toward success.  

Leaders and Professionals

Adult Career

Refine your vision to

re-energize your life.  

Whether you’re looking to develop yourself for career growth, enhance some particular skills or behaviors or looking to refine your vision for yourself, we would 

love to work with you to achieve your objectives.


Our coaching and career counseling services will guide you through the process of assessing where you’re at and where you want to be.  We then support you in clearly defining the steps and development needed to get you there, taking into account personal and professional balance.


With renewed confidence and energy, we help you learn how to assess future opportunities and pursue those that best fit your vision.

Young Professionals

Emerging Professionals

A Young Man Writing

Living Your Best Life.

We’re passionate about guiding high school, college students and young professionals to identify and optimize strengths and uniqueness as early as possible. As a career coach, we equip you with the knowledge, confidence and capability to make decisions that will best set you up for success for the rest of your life.  The skills you learn will serve you in the workplace and in life.

Living Your Best Life is a unique assessment and coaching program for high school and college students and their families, as well as those in their early professional years. We use proven analytical tools from education and professional organizations. These tools allow us to work with you to uncover your own behavioral style, communication preferences and values/motivators. This program is cost-effective and can be completed virtually, including the assessment, feedback and coaching.  


Learn about emotional intelligence and adaptability, and their importance to your leadership, career and relationships.

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Understand your uniqueness and how to best leverage your strengths.

Learn about emotional intelligence and its importance in your relationships and career.  

Target education and careers which allow you to utilize your strengths and motivators versus settling for just a job. 

Learn how to communicate more effectively with people of other generations and different behavioral types.  


Sequelle HR uses Indigo as one its career assessment tools for working with students and young professionals. 

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Watch the videos below to learn more.

Indigo is Like a Car
Parents Love Indigo


Over the phone or online

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