• Does your business have good pipeline of talent and a system to manage it?

  • Do you have successors identified for all key roles and active career paths and development plans for them?

  • Is your talent management process built around and in support of your business strategy?

  • Do your employees know how to develop professionally and grow their careers within your organization?

The ability to place the right person with the right skills in the right job at the right time is  one key goal of a talent management system.   Ensuring top talent and emerging leaders are being developed, both as individual contributors and as successors is another key element.   Planning for seamless knowledge transfer and leadership changes ensures business continuity.


Retention and engagement are good measurements of sound development plans.  Sequelle HR will help you identify career paths and skills training which enable lateral as well as upward growth for your team members, keeping in mind the needs of your business to be prepared for both short and long term opportunities.

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